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Products and services
  • Sardine/Mackerel canning equipment

  • Oyster cultivation equipment.

  • LPG, waste and other gas burners in heat resistant stainless steels.

  • Laboratory and other sieve shakers.

  • Braai's / BBQ's.

  • Stainless steel boat fittings and equipment.

  • Maintenance and repairs on machines and plant.

  • Refurbish/ Rebuild/ Build FDS skinning machines and other white fish processing equipment.

  • Design and build bakery equipment and conveyors.

  • Work to hygienic design requirements where necessary.

Easy Can offers you the following services utilising a blend of in-house and 3rd party services:


Design and draw:

  • Design and drawing services using 3D and 2D CAD.

  • Designing of new machines and prototypes to satisfy your requirements.

  • Drawing of plant layouts.

  • Reverse engineer and, or improve on existing parts, mechanisms, machines and designs.

  • Design and structural verification analysis utilizing Finite Element Analysis.



  • Manufacturing of prototypes and working prototypes to your or our design.



  • Manufacture of parts, assemblies and whole machines, conveyors, etc. by means of machining, milling, turning, welding and fabrication using various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics.

  • Rebuild, improve and modify existing machines.

  • Laser cutting of various metals.

  • CNC bending.

  • Plasma cutting of various metals

  • Water-jet cutting of numerous materials.

  • Welding of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

  • Heat treatment and manufacture of high-tensile steel components.


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